Power Cables

You’ll be glad to hear that the stock power cable is fine with the Phoenix. Now, if you do want to squeeze out a bit more performance, a power cord might make sense. But just keep in mind, the power cord on your server will probably have a larger impact.

The differences are still very audible and will depend on what you’re chasing. All of these power cords will be quieter and provide better imaging. You also get more contouring and meat on the bones.

  • Stock: Thinner and sharper but the tonality isn’t bad. Outside of the Snake River, the other power cords sound a little more neutral/grey. It’s definitely more light-footed and less dynamic in comparison to the larger gauge power cords.
  • ZenWave PCR-14: If you enjoy neutrality, this is probably the best power cord out there. It also outperforms other pricier cables with the same signature. Nuance, weight, clean, grippy, smooth, solid…would be how I would describe this cable. It also has wonderful propulsive qualities.
  • Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Signature: This is the cable for the tone snobs. The tradeoff is density. I love this cable and own quite a few of them.
  • Furutech DPS-4: This cable is relatively darker, thicker, and provide ample amounts of bass. The tone is on the grey side and there’s a slight bloom to the overall sound. Highs are pretty nice.
  • High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate: In a way, it’s a cross between the Snake River Cottonmouth Signature and ZenWave PCR-14. Good coherence, vibrancy, density, and control. It’s not as grey as the Furutech and not as golden as the Snake River. Top-end seems a little rolled off but there’s still plenty of air. Nice tonal variations as well.
  • Audience Au24SX HP: The most liquid sounding power cord of the group. It’s more relaxed than vibrant. A richer, more intimate presentation.
  • Neotech NEP-3200 (DIY): This is much smoother and laid back in comparison to the stock cable. It’s a decent upgrade on the cheap.