June 28, 2019 – Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

AudioWise Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of OPTO•DX™ an optical isolation bridge for single or double rate S/PDIF BNC (DX) interfaces, OPTO•DX converts S/PDIF to optical and back to S/PDIF for total optical galvanic isolation.  Further, OPTO•DX has independent 12VDC inputs for each side of the optical bridge to provide complete power isolation using separate circuits or battery packs.

In a DX based digital audio system, the source and up-sampler along with other upstream components generate wideband analog noise (RF) which may upset the delicate signal conversion process of the Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). The resulting detrimental impact on sound quality may vary but it is always preferable to have less noise intrusion to a DAC.

Audiophiles have sought to minimize noise transmission using cleaner sources, ferrite laden coax cables or myriad other tweaks.  These solutions are partial or, at best, only attenuate the problem to subjectively match the noise floor.  For those with the most resolving systems and highest appreciation of musical transparency, the optical galvanic isolation of OPTO•DX is objectively superior.

“The benefits are clearly audible” says Dan Mance of AudioWise. “Eliminating the last vestiges of noise in the DX signal brings the music lover much closer to an end-game”.  500+ Head-Fi Member ray-dude adds “When it comes to isolating your digital chain from your analog chain, there is nothing better than an optical air gap. No matter how much you filter the electrical connection, there is always something more.  An optical air gap gets you as close to your DAC as is possible”.

OPTO•DX is configured as a transmitter (“T”) and receiver (“R”) linked with industrial-grade optical cable.  Included are two pairs of thin coax patch cables to ease cable management. For power, AudioWise options a very good 12VDC SMPS supply but strongly recommends using a battery pack or low-noise supply to reduce the intrusion of noise into the bridge.

OPTO•DX may be purchased directly from AudioWise www.audiowise.ca.

Pricing starts at $745 US dollars.