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MrSpeakers’s new TOTL planar magnetic ETHER 2 was one of the stars of CanJam. Show here with the super rare Cavalli Liquid Glass hybrid-valve headphone amplifier. Only 290 grams, new driver, motor, baffle, and headband. The sound is not only lush and full but nuanced in details and bass definition. Voices and instruments have shape and depth – which I don’t hear from headphones often. I couldn’t stop listening to this headphone! I have to hear these again. So damn good.

Abyss Diana Phi ($4,000) is only available in sleek black/grey with red stitching. The standard Diana looks similar from the outside but sounds tonally much closer to her bigger brother – the Abyss Phi. It’s very spacious and resolving. The standard Diana is warmer but much flatter sounding in comparison. The Diana Phi’s fit is also much better – roomier earcups and an overall more balanced comfort around the head. Clamping pressure is also a non-issue. In comparison, the Abyss Phi has a larger image, a bit smoother, and slightly more dynamic.

Abyss Phi with the CC pads and dual mono Eleven Audio amplifiers!

Woo Audio WA33 Elite – HEAVEN.