After swimming with USB cables for the past few months, I’ve concluded these cables should be treated as components (no wonder why some are priced as components). They are an integral part of your digital playback system and should be selected with care. Unlike most interconnects I’ve heard, USB cables have more potential of sounding unacceptable in most systems.

If it isn’t obvious from the comparisons, I found the Curious Cables USB to be more than just a great value. At its price point, it might be the only USB cable you really need. Most would be hard-pressed to spend three times the amount for an appreciable difference in sound quality. Those who are using the Curious USB for their USB streamers and conditioners (ultraRendu, SOtM trifecta, UpTone ISO REGEN, etc) are getting a hefty bang for their buck. What’s even better is their 280mm Hugo Link for $160. This is currently the cable I’m using on the go with my Mojo and Hugo. There is no better portable audiophile-grade USB cable out there. Period.

In summary:

    • Performance gets really close to those of other top-shelf silver USB cables costing many times more. Of course, a small group of us are willing to pay the premium for just a bit more coherence, smoothness, and tonal/timbre accuracy. Just know that diminishing returns applies heavily.
    • Very clean, pitch black background. Copper USB cables can’t touch this.
    • Incredible soundstage and depth. Typically for this level of musical dimensionality, you would have to pay at least double. This is what makes the Curious USB so compelling, especially for their Hugo Link cables.
    • Slight grainier upper-mids with a slight emphasis in the upper octaves. Other than this, musical integrity is intact.
  • A great balanced sound that’s never irritating or fatiguing.
  • I personally prefer a richer and denser mids and lows but this might require using copper for the signal.

I really enjoy this cable and believe it to be one of the gems in audiophile land. After listening, I’d suspect many will look no further than the Curious Cables USB. As always, I speak with my wallet and have purchased a few Curious USB cables for our systems.

Curious Cables offers free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. They’ll even pay for the shipping back to Austrailia. If you’re one of the 1% who hasn’t satiated their curiosity yet, the Curious Cables USB is worth interviewing.