CanJam SoCal 2019 – The Highlights

64 Audio

I’m a huge fan of 64 Audio’s line of IEMs. The tia Trio ($2,299) and Fourte ($3,599) in particular. I’ve also found the A6t ($1,299) to be one of their more tonally accurate IEMs.

Mystery IEM

Now, what about that “mystery” IEM? The 64 Audio guys were pretty tight-lipped about it. All they could tell me was that it was set to launch in July.

As far as sound, it definitely had that “audiophile” swagger with resolution and articulation. Lots of details in the lows and the highs. The midrange was a little drier for my tastes but presented texture. Tonally, it’s little cooler rather than warmer. Guess we’ll see how the production model sounds!

Huge thanks goes out to James and Logan for setting me up!

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