The Linear Solution

The JCAT Signature LAN – A $1,000 Ethernet Cable

Like many of you, I woke up thinking "You know what, I feel like listening to some audiophile Ethernet cables… Read More

5 years ago

Adventures at CanJam RMAF 2018 – Abyss, Sennheiser, ZMF, MrSpeakers, and More

We tend to cover more stereo components at RMAF but enjoy spending bit of time at CanJam RMAF. These… Read More

6 years ago

The Linear Solution OCXO Audiophile Switch & Reference Ethernet Cable – The Missing Pieces of Digital Audio

When I first heard about "audiophile-grade" ethernet switches (and cables), my eyes slowly started to roll. Slowly because, as we… Read More

6 years ago

Linear Power Supplies for Audiophiles – Getting Closer to Live

NEW! Check out the 2021 Linear Power Supply for Audiophiles Shootout! We find power supplies in our tiny cube-shaped iPhone… Read More

6 years ago

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