How Does Shazam Work?

Cameron MacLeod wrote nice piece on how Shazam actually works. I've been curious since I've used Shazam to gather… Read More

5 months ago

How To Wire Your Home for Hi-Fi – Tips & Tricks

Supplying quality power is imperative to achieving the maximum performance from your HiFi system. The name of the game is… Read More

4 years ago

Linear Power Supplies for Audiophiles – Getting Closer to Live

NEW! Check out the 2021 Linear Power Supply for Audiophiles Shootout! We find power supplies in our tiny cube-shaped iPhone… Read More

6 years ago

Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SV MKⅡ Loudspeaker Review

I've always been impressed with the sound of Aurum Cantus at the shows. Fantastic sound and craftsmanship - without the… Read More

6 years ago

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