SOtM sMS-200ultra Network Audio Player and sPS-500 Power Supply Review

SOtM (pronounced "som") is high-end audio company that's always on the move. They've recently announced a new master clock… Read More

6 years ago

SOtM iSO-CAT6 Special Edition: The Flavors of Audiophile Ethernet

Introduction When I hesitantly (due to the $500/1.5m price tag) reviewed the SOtM dCBL-CAT7 ethernet cable back in March, I… Read More

7 years ago

Crux Audio SOtM sMS-200ultra Upgrade Program – For Limited Time!

Crux Audio has announced today that, for a limited time, there is a new option for those who already own… Read More

7 years ago

SOtM tX-USBultra USB Regenerator Review – The Ultimate Digital Defuzzer

Introduction I've reviewed quite few USB conditioners/regenerators and their variants in the past. Their job is to filter noise and… Read More

7 years ago

Preorders Now Available for SOtM sMS-200ultra and sPS-500

Crux Audio is pleased to announce that preorders are now available for much anticipated SOtM sMS-200ultra and the sPS-500. The… Read More

7 years ago

SOtM tX-USBultra Announced – USB Regenerator with an Ultra Clock

SOtM just announced their new tX-USBultra. What's special about this USB regenerator is its ultra clock, the sCLK-EX. It's supposedly one… Read More

7 years ago

SOtM 10% Off Limited Time Deal for Audio Bacon Readers!

I'm excited to announce that Crux Audio is offering discount on the SOtM dCBL-CAT7 ethernet cable to readers of Audio Bacon!… Read More

7 years ago

SOtM sMS-200 Network Audio Adapter & mBPS-d2s Battery Module Review

Introduction The SOtM sMS-200 has been the talk of the town in recent months...and for good reason. A lot has… Read More

7 years ago

Crux Audio Announces Partnership with SOtM

Crux Audio, specialist audio distributor in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, has announced that it has signed a… Read More

7 years ago

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