Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker Review

The Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker is here. Avid computer audiophiles are well aware of the sonic gains of having USB… Read More

4 years ago

Enhance Your PC Audio Easily – For Under $120

Understandably, there are plenty of audiophiles who use their Windows machines as their server/streamer. I personally don't care for PC… Read More

6 years ago

UpTone Audio ISO REGEN Review

Introduction I've written quite bit about the sonic benefits of various USB conditioners. The UpTone Audio USB REGEN was… Read More

7 years ago

SOtM tX-USBultra USB Regenerator Review – The Ultimate Digital Defuzzer

Introduction I've reviewed quite few USB conditioners/regenerators and their variants in the past. Their job is to filter noise and… Read More

7 years ago

SOtM tX-USBultra Announced – USB Regenerator with an Ultra Clock

SOtM just announced their new tX-USBultra. What's special about this USB regenerator is its ultra clock, the sCLK-EX. It's supposedly one… Read More

7 years ago

PS Audio LANRover Review – vs. Sonore microRendu + Uptone Ultracap LPS-1

Even with all the innovations made in the realm of digital audio, the issue of digital noise and EMI/RFI is pervasive and… Read More

8 years ago

iFi Nano iUSB3.0 Review – vs. Uptone Regen, Wyred 4 Sound Recovery, and Audioquest Jitterbug

Before I get into the iFi nano iUSB3.0 review, I think it's important to give purpose to our quest... Why… Read More

8 years ago

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