Power Connectors: They Sound Different!

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4 years ago

27 Best Audiophile Power Cables

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Audience frontRow Audio Cables Review

Audio cables! With the plethora of options, where does one start? There aren't lot of "go-to" audio cables in… Read More

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15 Audiophile Power Cables – Hear for Yourself

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Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF Level 3 HC Power Cord & BLACK Quantum Fuse Review

When I first heard about Synergistic Research, terms like "Mad Scientists" and "Voodoo" came up in the discussion. A quick… Read More

7 years ago

Purist Audio Design Diamond Edition Dominus AC Power Cord Review

When you're listening to an entire system, whether at trade show or demo room at a shop, it's difficult… Read More

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High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate Power Cord and MC-0.5 Review

Power components are usually overlooked but those who have had years of experience in this hobby know it could make… Read More

8 years ago

Power Cord Review: Stock PS Audio P10 vs Shunyata Research HC Alpha Zitron vs Wireworld Silver Electra 7 vs. VooDoo Audio Ultra Wave

Those looking for new power cords for their PS Audio P10 Power Plant or other power conditioners/regenerators may find that… Read More

8 years ago

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