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The Best of Audiophile Content Creators

A quick weekend post! It's difficult to keep track of what's trending, what's new, and what's being discussed in the… Read More

3 years ago

KEF LS50 Mini Monitor Review – Quick Bits

I've received plenty of emails regarding the KEF LS50 and how it stacks up with everything else. Before a few… Read More

4 years ago

iFi Audio xDSD Review – Sexy & Portable

iFi audio is known to pack a ton of features and options into everything they build. Their aim is to… Read More

4 years ago

Mad Scientist Audio – Black Magic USB Cable

Who is Mad Scientist Audio? Mad Scientist Audio is based in New Zealand. It's run by Bob & Kay Prangnell with a posse… Read More

4 years ago

PS Audio DirectStream DAC – Playing in Snowmass

Another Quick Bit before 2018 comes to an end. PS Audio's latest firmware update for their flagship DirectStream DAC has… Read More

4 years ago

A Survey – The Thing About Mechanical Vibration Isolation…

Many audiophiles throw their equipment and speakers on expensive racks, Swedish butcher blocks, and spikes assuming "it's better than nothing."… Read More

4 years ago

How Does It Sound? – Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2 and Hugo M Scaler

Update 6/6/2019: The Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler Review is up! Ken Davis from Brooks Berdan invited me over for… Read More

4 years ago

Quick Bits: Prism Sound CALLIA USB DAC and Pre-Amplifier

Audio Bacon's review queue is always growing. Sometimes we just have a few hours or days with a product. Quick… Read More

4 years ago

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