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Chord Company Launches Epic-Range DIN Cable with Proprietary Tuned ARAY Tech

31st January 2020, Wiltshire: Chord Company has introduced a DIN-terminated interconnect into its high-performance Epic range for the first time; the popular Epic range sits precisely in the middle of the company’s seven-strong cable range groupings. Epic DIN offers a key performance upgrade over the Shawline range DIN (from £225), plus greater affordability over the (up range) Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN (from £800). 

In order to improve musicality over the Shawline DIN, yet keep affordability below the Signature DIN, Chord Company’s engineers have developed a new construction which is completely different to other analogue interconnects in the Epic range, yet still takes advantage of the company’s unique performance-enhancing Tuned ARAY geometry.

Epic DIN benefits from wide-bandwidth silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors normally found in the company’s higher-end cable ranges, plus multi-tiered foil shielding systems for all conductor pairs; the technique reduces interaction between all the different signals that DIN cables need to carry. The special low-noise wide-bandwidth shielding also ensures that maximum benefit is obtained from Naim Audio’s latest DR amps and upgrades.

Further features include composite layered PE insulation for the conductors, foiled high-frequency shielding for both signal and ground, with an overall foil shield adding further high-frequency signal protection, plus split conductor geometry for impedance-matching.

The design, extensive shielding and proprietary Tuned ARAY geometry, have been implemented to both deliver the musical characteristics inherent in Naim Audio equipment and bring out the best possible performance from wider DIN-connected devices, including those from Quad, A&R, Leak and B&O. 

Epic DIN interconnects are hand-built to order in the Wiltshire factory and are available with all common connector combinations including: DIN-DIN; DIN to RCA; RCA to DIN and DIN to XLR. Custom lengths are available to order. 

Price and availability

Epic DIN is available now priced from £500 (1m).

Demonstration cables are available at most Chord Company retailers:

Epic DIN is offered with a lifetime warranty which includes defective materials and workmanship, but excludes normal wear and tear, failure to follow instructions and/or any unauthorised repairs or modifications. 

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