Category: Interconnects

Audience Au24 SX Analog RCA Interconnect Review – A Quest for the Best

As you probably know, I’m a bit OCD about my cables. A few years back, I tried at least a dozen balanced interconnects before deciding on a pair of Audience Au24 SE XLRs. They were the most well-constructed and best sounding balanced interconnects I’ve ever heard. There aren’t too many “safe-bets” in the high-end audio…

High Fidelity Cables Magnetic RCA Adapters – Elevate Your System for $299

I had the pleasure of meeting┬áRick Schultz, the founder and inventor of High Fidelity Cables, at THE Show Newport 2016. In one room he had an informative presentation on his patented magnetic conduction technology and the other a full-fledged setup with custom speakers and a multitude of his magnetic products. I sat through a couple…

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