It’s Wally!

These prototypes are sound incredibly good and I personally prefer them to the open-back HD800s. It does sound more closed but still wide and spacious. There’s a precision and more melodic tone throughout. Wonderful sound from the HDV 820 amplifier.

Them Brainwavz B400 – Nice warm and balanced sound. The show special at $150 was a steal.

Even Mr. Mayweather enjoys these 64 Audio tia Fourtes. No, it’s not really him but he gets that a lot.

64 Audio is the king of IEMs at the moment. With the tia Fourte at the helm, I finally got a chance to hear the Trio and U12t. To my ears, the Trio was also something very special. It’s warm, forward, and has incredibly accurate timbre. The Fourte and U18t were better in many other ways (more resolution, nuanced, airy, and better depth/layering) but I would be pretty dam happy with just the Trio. I love this IEM.

Undoubtedly one of the busiest booths at the show. Audeze had many smiley faces attached to incredible headphones. The LCD-XC is still a headphone I think about.

Campfire Audio’s booth was also one of the most crowded but they had extra demos for everyone. I even had to stand to listen at some point. The Comet sounds really frickin’ good and is a superb value at $199.

The Campfire Audio Cascade were super comfortable and easy to adjust. They have a warmer and more laid-back presentation and were wonderfully natural.

I had a nice chat with Michael Rovner from purRezAudio about his patented “cable amplifier.” He had 3 identical $15 earbuds for demonstration and his technology had an enormously postive effect on the sound of these cheap earbuds. The idea is providing an extra boost of power at the base of the earbud (where an amplifier will be installed). It’ll be powered by the 5V from a USB dongle. Depending on price, this could be one of the most effective upgrades for any head-fier.